Join our Crew

Join our Crew

Our nature inspired start up is gathering new crew members, for key roles and responsibility positions for business projects, services and products planned for 2018-2022.

General Conditions

  • Experience and/or studies in field of expertise related to our core business and/or products.
  • Capacity of multidisciplinary research (continuous learning), innovation and team collaboration.
  • Readiness to participate in a continuous gamified training program, learn new methods, know how, tools, skills.
  • Flexibility to work online and join full days training and team work coordination meetings.
  • English as business communication language. (a Bonus are Dutch, German, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Danish, Swedish)
  • Autonomy, self-motivation, entrepreneurship, self-management, team work skills.

Responsibilities and Opportunities

According to role, experience and training results, eligible crew members may take over leadership, project management, account management or project development (team or team support )  responsibilities.

Agreement Modalities

Agreements modalities and opportunities suggested to our new crew members:

Application Process

  • 1.[Intentional application in PDF and by e-mail Only] Send a CV, a motivation letter (why would you like to join our company ?) and one mini clip of 1 min introducing yourself. (answer within 4-6 weeks) NOTICE: If you have not received an answer from us after 6 weeks is because for any reason we decided not to consider your application within the list of eligible candidates. Please do not call us or e-mails for details or requests of information. If we are interested, we will contact you.
  • 2.[Information session] If eligible, you will be invited to join an information session and add additional information, if necessary.
  • 3.[Full day Training/Evaluation] Join a full day training and recruiting / evaluation.
  • 4.[Trial Season] If eligible, agreement and schedule of trial season, respective training and tasks for complementary evaluation (gamified score system).


  • Continuos training, certificates and licenses in fields: Strategic leadership, effectiveness & family-life-work balance [coach, trainer, consultant, leader certificates and licenses, gamified score system and gamified module based training)
  • Foundation self-management training and burnout prevention.
  • International and National entrepreneurial challenges.
  • Multidisciplinary Collaboration Training. Multidisciplinary team work. Multidisciplinary know how based products, services and strategic management.
  • Online work, from home or when abroad traveling.
  • Full day trainings and team work coordination integrated to leisure activities.
  • Family-Life-Work Balance business development guidelines.
  • Nature inspired business culture.
  • Matrix-Quotient of Intelligence continuous training.