Machine Learning

MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] Solutions is a division of the Stichting LDMF [Matrix-Q Research Institute].
MQ9 provides consultancy services and also focus on the development of ICT applications for the protection of the investment in human capital: prevention, protection, maintenance, enhancement, assessment of its value.

R&D Assistant (Research & development).

[Academic or professional experience]
. Experience and/or capacity of machine learning programming
. Entrepreneurial attitude
. Innovative and flexible
. Learning ability
. R&D Research & Development oriented
. Ability to think, do and decide out of the box
. Online and self-paced work (80%)
. Business and working language (English: international team)
. MQ9 applies an innovative body of work: Matrix-Q Knowledge, tools, skills and technology. Our employees need to learn and integrate their own professional skills to our standard knowledge and tools.
[Commitment Alternatives – Availability]
. Part-time: Project Based 25% per week
. Internship – Work-study program 80% per week
. Full Time: 100% per week

. 1.) by email, PDF, send a C.V. and letter introducing your skills and experience.
. 2.) telephone, skype interview (15 min)
. 3.) An e-Tests and evaluation task(s) (Matrix-Q Skills) [1-9 days process, 1 hour per day]
. 4.) Trial Season – Matrix-Q Internship – (Online collaboration and learning skills) [1-4 weeks, 2 hours per day]
. 5.) Trial Season – Matrix-Q Work-Study Program – (Matrix-Q Acquisition of Knowledge, Tools, Skills & Technology] [3-6 months]
. 6.) Based on previous evaluation, rank and scorecard assessment, we will suggest you an agreement and role.

. Vary according to employee scorecard and rank, and employee commitment capacity
. A.) Internship stage: no compensation
. B.) Project Based Wages: from 2600.00 EUR/mo
. C.) Full Time: 3500.00 EUR/mo plus performance bonus.